Simple Steps to Processing An EFS Check

  1. How to Process an EFS Check
    1. Step 1: Fill in the Driver's License Information
    2. Step 2: Obtain an Authorization Code
    3. Step 3: Write the Authorization Code on the EFS Check
    4. Step 4: Cash the EFS Check

How to Process an EFS Check

Processing an EFS (Electronic Funds Source) check involves several steps to ensure that the check is valid and can be cashed. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to process an EFS check:

Step 1: Fill in the Driver's License Information

The check recipient, whether it's a company owner, driver, or broker, needs to fill in the driver's license information on the EFS check. This information includes the driver's name, license number, and state of issuance. This step is important to verify the identity of the person cashing the check.

Step 2: Obtain an Authorization Code

Once the driver's license information is filled in, the check recipient needs to obtain an authorization code. This code is necessary to write on the EFS check and is used to validate the check. There are several ways to obtain an authorization code:

  • Point-of-Sale Terminal: Some truck stops have point-of-sale terminals that can authorize EFS checks. The check recipient can simply input their driver's license information into the terminal, and if approved, an authorization code will be generated.
  • Online: EFS account holders can generate authorization codes online through the EFS website or mobile app. They will need to log in to their account and follow the prompts to generate the code.
  • Phone: Alternatively, authorization codes can be obtained over the phone by calling the EFS customer service hotline. The check recipient will need to provide their account information and answer security questions to generate the code.

Step 3: Write the Authorization Code on the EFS Check

Once the authorization code is obtained, the check recipient needs to write it on the EFS check. This code serves as proof that the check has been authorized and can be cashed. It is important to write the code legibly and accurately to avoid any issues when cashing the check.

Step 4: Cash the EFS Check

EFS checks can be cashed at most financial institutions and truck stops where EFS is accepted. The check recipient can take the filled-out check to a bank or truck stop and present it for cashing. The bank or truck stop will verify the authorization code and the check amount before providing the cash.

It is important to note that some truck stops have integrated their point-of-sale systems with EFS, allowing for instant authorization and cashing of EFS checks without the need for a physical check. In such cases, the check recipient can simply provide their driver's license information at the point-of-sale terminal, and if approved, the funds will be immediately available.

How do I process an EFS check?

Processing an EFS check involves filling in the driver's license information, obtaining an authorization code, writing the code on the check, and cashing the check at a financial institution or truck stop. EFS checks provide a convenient and secure method of payment for trucking-related expenses, allowing for immediate access to cash or payment for services. By following the steps outlined above, check recipients can ensure that their EFS checks are processed correctly and can be successfully cashed.

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