How to Cancel Your Order in DickBlck Quickly and Easily

  1. How do I cancel my DickBlick order?
    1. Contact Blick Art Materials

How do I cancel my DickBlick order?

If you need to cancel your DickBlick order or have any questions regarding the cancellation process, the best way to proceed is to contact Blick Art Materials directly. Here are the different methods you can use to get in touch with their customer service:

Contact Blick Art Materials

For purposes of providing notice of cancellation or termination or if you have any questions regarding these Terms, contact Blick at:

How do I cancel my DickBlick order?
  • Email:
  • Phone: (800) 828-4548
  • Mail: Blick Art Materials, P.O. Box 1267, Galesburg, IL 61402-1267

By reaching out to their customer service team, they will be able to assist you with canceling your DickBlick order.

It is important to note that the cancellation process may depend on various factors, such as the status of your order, the items you have purchased, and the specific policies of DickBlick. Therefore, it is recommended to contact Blick Art Materials as soon as possible to ensure a smooth cancellation process.

When contacting Blick Art Materials, be prepared to provide them with relevant information about your order, such as your order number and the reason for cancellation. This will help them process your request more efficiently. Additionally, make sure to follow any instructions or guidelines provided by their customer service representatives to ensure a successful cancellation.

It is also worth mentioning that cancellation policies may vary depending on the specific circumstances and terms of your purchase. Therefore, it is advisable to review the terms and conditions of your order or consult Blick Art Materials directly to understand the cancellation and refund policies that apply to your situation.

By taking proactive steps and contacting Blick Art Materials promptly, you increase your chances of canceling your DickBlick order successfully and resolving any related issues in a satisfactory manner.

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