Easily Check The Apple Gift Card Balance

  1. How to Check Your Apple Gift Card Balance
    1. Checking Online
    2. Calling Apple Support

How to Check Your Apple Gift Card Balance

Apple offers three types of gift cards: Apple Store Gift Card, App Store & iTunes Gift Card, and Apple Gift Card. These gift cards can be used to purchase Apple devices, accessories, or media from the App Store or iTunes. If you want to check the balance of your Apple gift card, you have two options: checking online or calling Apple Support.

Checking Online

To check your Apple gift card balance online, follow these steps:

How do I check my APPLE gift card balance?
  1. Go to the Apple gift card balance website. For Apple US, the website is https://www.apple.com/go/gcb/us.
  2. Login with your Apple ID.
  3. Enter the gift card PIN.
  4. Click "Check Balance".

By following these steps, you will be able to see the remaining balance on your Apple gift card.

Calling Apple Support

If you prefer to check your Apple gift card balance over the phone, you can call Apple Support at 1-800-MY-APPLE (1-800-692-7753). A customer service representative will assist you in checking your balance.

Whether you choose to check your balance online or by phone, it is important to have your gift card and PIN ready. This information is necessary to access and verify your gift card balance.

Checking your Apple gift card balance is quick and easy. By knowing the remaining balance on your gift card, you can make informed decisions about your future purchases from Apple.

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