Duration of Frontier credits: everything you need to know

  1. How long do Frontier credits last?
    1. Redemption Period
    2. Booking Travel in Advance
    3. Using Expired Credits
    4. Contacting Frontier Airlines

How long do Frontier credits last?

Frontier Airlines offers flight credits to its customers for various reasons, such as flight cancellations, voluntary changes, or as compensation for inconveniences. These flight credits can be used towards future travel with the airline. However, it is important to note that Frontier credits have an expiration date and must be redeemed within a certain timeframe.

Redemption Period

Credits are most often issued with a 90-day redemption period and must be redeemed prior to the expiration date. This means that once a credit is issued, the customer has 90 days to use it towards a new flight booking. If the credit is not redeemed within this timeframe, it will expire and become invalid.

How long do Frontier credits last?

It is important for customers to keep track of their credits and ensure they are used before they expire. Frontier Airlines typically sends notifications to customers with expiring credits to remind them to redeem the credits before it's too late.

Booking Travel in Advance

While credits have a limited redemption period, customers can book travel as far out as Frontier's published schedule allows. This means that even if a credit is set to expire within a month, it can still be used to book travel departing in six months or beyond.

This flexibility allows customers to plan their future travel with Frontier Airlines and use their credits towards those bookings. It is important to note that the travel must be booked before the credit's expiration date, even if the departure date is much later.

Using Expired Credits

Once a credit has expired, it becomes invalid and cannot be used towards future bookings. Frontier Airlines does not provide extensions or exceptions for expired credits. Therefore, it is crucial for customers to be proactive in using their credits before they expire.

If a customer is unable to use their credit before it expires, they will not receive any form of refund or compensation for the expired credit. It is recommended to keep track of any credits received and to plan future travel accordingly to ensure that the credits are utilized within the redemption period.

Contacting Frontier Airlines

If customers have any questions or concerns regarding their Frontier credits or the redemption process, they can contact Frontier Airlines directly. The airline provides various channels for customer support, including phone support, email, and online chat.

Customers can visit the Frontier Airlines website and navigate to the "Contact Us" section to find the appropriate contact information. Frontier Airlines aims to assist customers in a timely manner and provide clarification on any issues related to their flight credits.

Frontier Airlines credits have a redemption period of 90 days and must be used before the expiration date. However, customers can book travel as far out as Frontier's published schedule allows, even if the credit is set to expire within a shorter timeframe. It is crucial for customers to be proactive in using their credits before they expire, as expired credits cannot be used or refunded. Customers can contact Frontier Airlines for any inquiries or assistance regarding their credits.

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