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  1. How many QDOBA locations are there?
    1. History of QDOBA
    2. Expansion and Growth
    3. Menu and Offerings
    4. Ownership and Leadership
    5. Competition
    6. Incidents and Lawsuits

How many QDOBA locations are there?

QDOBA is a chain of fast-casual restaurants in the United States and Canada that serves Mexican-style cuisine. As of 2023, QDOBA has over 750 locations across North America, making it one of the largest Mexican fast-casual dining chains in the region.

History of QDOBA

The origins of QDOBA can be traced back to 1995 when Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser opened the first Zuma Fresh Mexican Grill in Denver, Colorado. The restaurant became an immediate success, with first-year revenues exceeding $1,500,000. In 1997, the company changed its name to Z-Teca Mexican Grill.

How many QDOBA locations are there?

After 15 years as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jack in the Box, QDOBA was sold to a consortium of funds led by Apollo Global Management in March 2018. In October 2022, QDOBA was acquired by Butterfly Equity.

Expansion and Growth

Over the years, QDOBA has experienced significant growth and expansion. As of 2023, QDOBA has over 750 locations across the United States and Canada. Its headquarters is located in San Diego, California.

Menu and Offerings

QDOBA offers a variety of Mexican-style dishes, including burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and taco salads. The menu is designed to be healthier, with a focus on using fresh vegetables, herbs, and vegetable oils instead of traditional animal fats.

Ownership and Leadership

QDOBA is currently owned by Butterfly Equity, a private equity firm. John Cywinski serves as the CEO of QDOBA. The company employs over 16,000 people as of 2023.


In the Mexican fast-casual dining industry, QDOBA is a major player and the top franchisor in North America. It faces competition from other chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Taco Bell, and Moe's Southwest Grill.

Incidents and Lawsuits

QDOBA has had a few incidents and lawsuits over the years. These include:

White City Shopping Center

In 2011, QDOBA sued the owners of the White City Shopping Center in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, for breach of contract. The lawsuit alleged that the owners violated the terms of the lease agreement by failing to maintain the property and provide adequate parking.

2015 Typhoid Incident

In 2015, several customers who had eaten at a QDOBA location in Kansas City, Missouri, contracted typhoid fever. The outbreak was traced back to an employee who had tested positive for the bacteria. QDOBA took immediate action to address the situation and ensure the safety of its customers.

Violation of Child Labor Laws

In 2016, QDOBA was fined by the U.S. Department of Labor for violating child labor laws. The company was found to have employed minors in hazardous work conditions and failed to maintain proper records of their employment.

Glenwood Springs Food Contamination

In 2017, QDOBA temporarily closed its Glenwood Springs, Colorado, location after several customers reported becoming ill after eating there. The restaurant was inspected by the health department, and the cause of the contamination was determined to be an employee who had tested positive for a foodborne illness.

QDOBA is a popular chain of fast-casual restaurants that serves Mexican-style cuisine. With over 750 locations across North America, QDOBA has established itself as a major player in the Mexican fast-casual dining industry. Despite a few incidents and lawsuits, the company continues to thrive and provide customers with a variety of delicious and healthier menu options.

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