Owner of Lucille's BBQ: Everything you need to know.

  1. Who owns Lucille's BBQ?
    1. History of Lucille's BBQ
    2. Ownership Changes
    3. Current Ownership
    4. The Future of Lucille's BBQ
    5. In conclusion,

Who owns Lucille's BBQ?

Lucille's BBQ is a popular restaurant chain known for its delicious Southern-style barbecue dishes. With numerous locations across the United States, many people wonder who actually owns this successful barbecue franchise.

History of Lucille's BBQ

Lucille's BBQ was founded in 1999 by Craig Hofman. Hofman, a barbecue enthusiast, wanted to bring the flavors of the South to more people. He named the restaurant after his grandmother, Lucille, who played a significant role in his love for barbecue.

Who owns Lucille's BBQ?

Hofman's passion for authentic Southern-style barbecue resonated with customers, and Lucille's BBQ quickly gained popularity. The restaurant chain offered a variety of barbecue dishes, including ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and smoked chicken, all cooked low and slow over wood fire pits.

Ownership Changes

In 2006, Lucille's BBQ was acquired by the restaurant group, Hofman Hospitality Group (HHG). HHG is a family-owned company that specializes in operating and managing various restaurant concepts.

Under the ownership of HHG, Lucille's BBQ continued to expand, opening new locations in different states. The company focused on maintaining the quality and authenticity of its barbecue dishes while also creating a welcoming and comfortable dining experience for its customers.

In 2011, Lucille's BBQ was acquired by the larger restaurant group, Xperience Restaurant Group (XRG). XRG is known for its expertise in managing and operating restaurant chains across multiple brands and cuisines.

Despite the ownership changes, Lucille's BBQ remained true to its roots, offering Southern-inspired barbecue dishes cooked with passion and expertise.

Current Ownership

As of now, Lucille's BBQ is owned by Xperience Restaurant Group (XRG). XRG manages and operates several restaurant chains, including Lucille's BBQ, Rock & Brews, and Maria's Italian Kitchen.

Under XRG's ownership, Lucille's BBQ has continued to thrive and expand. The restaurant chain has a strong presence in California, Nevada, and Arizona, with plans to open more locations in the future.

XRG's dedication to providing quality dining experiences, combined with Lucille's BBQ's commitment to authentic Southern-style barbecue, has been a winning combination for the restaurant chain.

The Future of Lucille's BBQ

With its current ownership, Lucille's BBQ is well-positioned for future growth and success. The restaurant chain has a loyal customer base and a reputation for serving delicious barbecue dishes.

Lucille's BBQ continues to innovate and introduce new menu items, while also staying true to its classic Southern-inspired flavors. The restaurant chain is committed to providing a memorable dining experience for its customers, whether they dine in or order takeout.

As the demand for high-quality barbecue continues to grow, Lucille's BBQ is poised to expand its presence and bring its authentic Southern-style barbecue to more locations across the United States.

In conclusion,

Lucille's BBQ is currently owned by Xperience Restaurant Group (XRG), a restaurant management company known for its expertise in operating various restaurant chains. Under XRG's ownership, Lucille's BBQ has continued to thrive and expand, offering delicious Southern-style barbecue dishes to its loyal customer base. With its commitment to quality and authenticity, Lucille's BBQ is well-positioned for future growth and success in the competitive restaurant industry.

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