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  1. Does Pokefi work in Dubai?
    1. Availability and Delivery
    2. Pricing and Payment
    3. Enhancements and Warranty

Does Pokefi work in Dubai?

According to a customer review on Amazon.ae, the Pokefi 4G Pocket Wifi Hotspot Router works in Dubai/UAE, although the signal may sometimes be unstable. However, the reviewer mentioned that the signal can easily be rebooted once to establish a connection. The Pokefi device works well in most places the reviewer goes to, indicating its compatibility with Dubai's network coverage. The seller also provided specific and detailed instructions on usage and troubleshooting, further supporting its functionality in Dubai.

Availability and Delivery

The Pokefi 4G Pocket Wifi Hotspot Router is available for purchase on Amazon.ae and can be delivered to Dubai. The product is currently in stock, and customers can choose their desired quantity before adding it to their cart. The delivery is estimated to take place between January 28th and 29th.

Does Pokefi work in Dubai?

Pricing and Payment

The Pokefi 4G Pocket Wifi Hotspot Router is priced at AED 649.00. Additional delivery charges of AED 10 apply. The total cost, including tax, will be shown at checkout. Customers can securely make their payment through Amazon.ae's payment system, which encrypts their information during transmission, ensuring the security and privacy of their transaction.

Enhancements and Warranty

Customers have the option to add a protection plan to their purchase. A 1-year extended warranty by Salama Care is available for AED 40.00, while a 2-year extended warranty is available for AED 66.00. These protection plans can be included in the order at the customer's discretion.

Based on the customer review and the availability of the Pokefi 4G Pocket Wifi Hotspot Router on Amazon.ae, it can be concluded that the device works in Dubai. While the signal may occasionally be unstable, it can be easily resolved by rebooting the device. The positive experience of the reviewer in most places indicates that the Pokefi device is compatible with Dubai's network coverage. Customers in Dubai can confidently purchase the Pokefi 4G Pocket Wifi Hotspot Router to stay connected on the go.

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